The Amazon Varzea: The Decade Past and the Decade Ahead

M. Pinedo-Vasquez, M.L. Ruffino, C. Padoch, Eduardo S. Brondizio
Publication Date
Springer International Publishing

This book takes a multi-disciplinary and critical look at what has changed over the last ten years in one of the worlds most important and dynamic ecosystems, the Amazon floodplain or varzea. It also looks forward, assessing the trends that will determine the fate of environments and people of the varzea over the next ten years, providing crucial information that is needed to formulate strategies for confronting these looming realities.

The volume includes the latest research and analysis from a broad range of scientists who know the varzea best. It is dedicated to the memory of Jos Mrcio Ayres, one of Brazil's greatest natural scientists and a pioneer in varzea research and conservation.