Administrative Contacts

More useful contacts

Scheduling Officer
701 E. Kirkwood, Student Building 130

You should contact the administrative secretary if:

  • You need to enroll in an Anthropology course that requires permission, such as fieldwork or independent study
  • You have questions about the department’s Course Authorization Form
  • You have registration questions about course permissions, including: which course number or section you have permission to enroll in, how many credit hours you have been given permission to enroll in, and your permission status

Dr. Jennifer Robinson
Director of Undergraduate Studies
701 E. Kirkwood, Student Building 245

You should contact the director of undergraduate studies if:

  • Advised to do so by the academic advisor
  • You need faculty approval to participate in an internship program or fieldwork opportunity
  • You need to speak with a faculty member about serious academic problems or concerns
  • You would like more information about joining the Undergraduate Anthropology Association