Getting Started at IU

Anthropology Graduate Student Association welcome tips

Welcome to Anthropology at Indiana University! If you want to get a jump on everything that is going to be flying your way come the fall semester, there are some things you can do now that will make your life a lot easier in the long run:

  1. Set up your computer account, submit your medical info, and apply for financial aid using The website is geared towards incoming undergrads, but the information is useful for graduate students. You will need your 10 digit University identification number, which should have been sent to you with your admissions information. If you do not have your identification number, Debra Wilkerson, the Graduate Secretary, is the person to contact. Carry this number with you—you will need it to get your identification, but it will not be on your identification, and you will need it more often than you think (e.g. some professors have you write it on exams).
  2. Join the Anthro Grad listserv. Anthropology Graduate Student Association maintains a listserv for all of the graduate students in our department so that we can communicate efficiently.To subscribe to the list, email LISTSERV@INDIANA.EDU with the following text in the body (not subject): SUBSCRIBE ANTH-GRADS-L. It’s good to join early since our Office Services Assistant frequently sends out emails concerning funding opportunities and events on campus and if graduate students are having social events or gatherings, need roommates, etc. it will go out through the listserv. If you cannot join the listserv right now, but want to contact all of the grad students, you can send an email to
  3. There are also several helpful and important Indiana University websites:
    1. University Information Technology Services ( has links for setting up your email and passphrase, free software (like the entire Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office), info on tutorials and training sessions, and info on setting up your VPN.
    2. One.IU ( connects you with financial services, academic information, and a other information. This is the site you will eventually need to use when you register for classes. There is also a section in OneStart for classifieds where you can find more housing info. You will need your user name and passphrase to access this site.
    3. Library ( You can use IUCAT to search for books and have them delivered to any library on campus or you can click on the subjects link and go directly to the anthropology library page which is maintained by our subject librarian Moira Marsh.
    4. Graduate and Professional Student Government ( gives updates for graduate student gatherings and information concerning your graduate career (health care, child care, campus diversity, etc.).

Administrative questions can be directed to Robert Girard ( or Stacie King (

These tips were compiled by former Anthropology Graduate Student Association President Emily Van Alst.