Concentration, Paleoanthropology

Ph.D. Concentration, Paleoanthropology

The Ph.D. in Archaeology with a concentration in Paleoanthropology is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the prehistoric record of a chosen area, as well as a solid background in related disciplines, providing training that enhances understanding of aspects of human evolution.

You are encouraged to examine the long-term dynamics of culture change within the context of evolutionary biology and ecological changes in prehistory, by means of an interdisciplinary perspective. Our program is designed to help you develop a solid background in this field of study, enabling you to carry out research in the archaeology of human origins.

If you are interested in pursuing this concentration, you should follow a course of study that provides you with a general background in the discipline of anthropology. You will cultivate a broad knowledge of the field of archaeology and world prehistory, examining theoretical issues and learning methods and techniques for working in both field and laboratory enabling you to carry out research in the archaeology of human origins.

What type of minor should you pursue?

Inside minor

If you are pursuing the concentration in Paleoanthropology, you must define your inside minor as Bioanthropology. You should also take Human Osteology (B526) as well as an appropriate set of other courses, to be agreed upon with your major and minor advisors.

Outside minor

You are advised to select an outside minor in a physical or biological science, to complement your research focus within the archaeology of human origins. Typical examples are minors in the departments of Biology, Geology, Chemistry, or Geography.

Aside from the topical field chosen for the outside minor, you are strongly encouraged to seek further training in an appropriate area studies program, such as African studies, and in other disciplines as necessary or beneficial to the development of your background and research interests.

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