Academic Advising

Plan your path with our advisor

When you are making your way towards the completion of a degree, it helps to have someone in your court with a deep knowledge of Indiana University and our department. The undergraduate advisor for anthropology is available to offer advice, clarification, and information.

Make an appointment to see our undergraduate advisor if:

  • You are thinking about pursuing an Anthropology major or minor and have questions about the field
  • You would like advice about which courses to take the following semester
  • You have questions about your distribution requirements, major or minor requirements, or your progress toward graduation
  • You are transferring credit and do not think that the anthropology courses you took at your previous college or university were evaluated properly
  • You are struggling academically and would like information about which campus academic assistance resources might be most beneficial for you
  • You are having difficulty successfully completing one of your anthropology courses and you want to know how it will impact your progress toward graduation
  • You plan to go on an overseas study program and need the coursework you intend to take approved for credit in Anthropology
  • You have questions about field schools or internship opportunities
  • You have questions about getting into graduate school or about anthropology career options