Minor, Anthropology of Food

Outside Minor in Food Studies

While an inside minor is offered in the Anthropology of Food, and outside minor is also available to students pursuing a doctorate in another field. A minor in Food Studies can combine well with coursework in many other fields of both the natural and social sciences and the humanities.


To complete an outside minor in Food Studies, you must take four courses (3 credits each), one of which must be the core course, Food and Culture (ANTH E621). Your additional graduate courses in anthropology must be chosen from at least two of the subfields of the discipline: archaeology, bioanthropology, linguistic anthropology, and social-cultural anthropology.

Current courses include topics such as:

  • Food and Famine
  • Ethnobotany
  • Land Use and Food Production
  • Prehistoric Diet and Nutrition
  • Faunal Osteology
  • American Indian Subsistence
  • Coffee Culture
  • Labor and Markets
  • Paleonutrition
  • Food in the Ancient World
  • Nutritional Anthropology
  • Food Politics and Food Ethics

Food Studies Colloquia

Students pursuing the outside minor in Food Studies are expected to attend the ongoing series of Food Studies colloquia, as well as the regular monthly meeting of Anthropology Ph.D. students in the Food Studies concentration.