Comparative + Integrative

As one of the largest Anthropology departments in the country, our program engages the breadth of the discipline. We look to the human future with an understanding of the complexities of our heritage, the biology, knowledge, rights and artifacts that represent both continuity and transformation in the human condition. Our concern with heritage integrates the traditional subfields of anthropology in which we do research: archaeology, bioanthropology, linguistic anthropology, and social-cultural anthropology. We work at sites throughout the world, in diverse ecological systems and time frames, providing a wealth of educational opportunities for all our students.

We offer undergraduate and graduate training that prepares students to meet the challenges of our changing world. We encourage critical thinking, effective writing, and development of practical skills that fit individual interests. Our program provides excellent opportunities for students at all levels to apply their knowledge and conduct hands-on research and study a wide range of topics through coursework, field schools, colloquia, and research projects with faculty and centers across campus. Our graduates have found work in business, government, and nonprofit organizations as well as educational institutions.

One discipline, four fields of study

In our program, we recognize four fields of study that often overlap in interesting ways.