Career Coaching

Career coaching

Career coaches can help you plan your future and make the best use your anthropology skills after you obtain your degree—and it’s never too early to begin exploring your options. Your career coach can help you answer the question “What can I do with my major?” by pointing you to specific resources and looking at ways you can leverage all of your skills. Learn how to write your first resumé, apply for funding, and ask for letters of recommendation. Contact the Walter Center for Career Achievement to make an appointment with the Career Coach for Anthropology majors.

Need an internship or other summer experience, such as research with a professor? Whether you’re interested in archaeological digs, food security, immigration, restoring cultural artifacts, or something else, your career coach can help you find internships and other experiences based on your interests—and then help you draft a personalized plan to make it happen.

You should make an appointment to see the Anthropology Career Coach if:

  • You have questions about whether going to graduate school is right for you or if you need help choosing a program that is the right fit for your personal and professional interests
  • You want to discuss what types of career options are available for Anthropology students
  • You need practical help with a job or internship search—whether identifying opportunities that are a good fit for your interests, writing a résumé or cover letter, or preparing for an interview