Spring Celebrations

Spring 2023 celebrations

It is with great pleasure that we extend our congratulations to the 2022-2023 graduates!

View a list of our latest graduates below, as well as slideshows of our recent department party and senior recognition ceremony.



Clara Steussy (08/22)
Carl DeMuth (08/22)
Amanda Burtt (08/22)
Leslie Drane (08/22)
Aaron Ellis (03/23)
Tetiana (Tania) Bulakh (04/23)
Aybike Tezel (05/23) 

MAs in Food Studies

Kaeley Geschke (12/23)
Erin Hosein (05/23)
Gerardo (Jerry) Hernandez (05/23)
Lewis Hughes (05/23) 

BAs in Anthropology (Spring and Summer 2023)

Peyton Beaty
Jack Bishop
Gracie Boresow
Carley Divish
Eme Godby
Ellie Harrison
Thais Vieira dos Santos Hauskrecht
Dominick Lambert
Chase Laplante
Erin McKenney
Gage Miller
Sarah Muckerheide
Molly Murphy
Christopher Newlin
Joseph Pickett
Danny Rivera
Rebekah Sander
Emily Schopmeyer
Samantha Sims
Lydia Spachtholz-Bishop
Dylan Wire

BA in Anthropology & Linguistics (Summer 2023)

Chrissy Taylor