What is anthropology?

Anthropology provides an interdisciplinary channel for the holistic study of every facet of human development.

While you may not have studied anthropology in high school, you are likely to be familiar with many of its concepts and its profound impact on every dimension of our world. Anthropology brings together an array of fields, teaching you how to both participate in various cultures (including your own) and observe them using scholarly tools. The subjects that fall under its lens include everything from the food we eat to the way we worship, work, and create meaning around material objects. Anthropologists develop, use, and refine many methods of inquiry, making theirs an ever-evolving field.

One discipline, four fields of study

At Indiana University and elsewhere, anthropologists organize their research around four interdisciplinary fields of inquiry.

The world is your oyster, your lab, + your classroom

If you choose to explore Anthropology at IU, you will be able to select among many opportunities that help enrich your education and provide you with experience that will prepare you for a variety of career paths.

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