Minor, Anthropology of Food

Ph.D. minor in Anthropology of Food

Food represents an integral part of human livelihoods, biology, identity, and culture. The practical dimensions and ramifications of food production, consumption and sharing, and the symbolic and ideological meanings attached to food, have relevance across all of anthropology’s subdisciplines – social-cultural anthropology, bioanthropology, archaeology, and linguistics. As a theme it integrates aspects of all the four traditional fields of anthropology.

We offer our Anthropology of Food minor to students pursuing a doctoral degree in another field of study. This minor can combine well with coursework in many other fields of both the natural and social sciences and the humanities.

Food Studies Colloquia

You will be expected to attend the ongoing series of Anthropology of Food colloquia, as well as the regular monthly meeting of Anthropology Ph.D. students in the Food Studies concentration.

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