Diganta Mandal

Diganta Mandal

Degree Program: Ph.D.


2022: M.Sc. in Biotechnology, St. Xavier's College


About Diganta Mandal

Diganta Mandal from Kolkata, India is a Biological Anthropology PhD student. Diganta graduated with his MSc in Biotechnology from St. Xavier’s College in 2022. He started his research journey studying how biogeographical barriers and anthropogenic activities impact the genetic diversity in Asian Elephant populations of NE India for his MSc under Aaranyak, Assam. Diganta now works with the Himalayan Langur Project and has been contributing to the long-term behavioral study of the Himalayan Langur. Diganta’s current research in the Primate Environmental Endocrinology Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. MD Wasserman, is focused on how climate change, anthropogenic activities, and biogeographical barriers affect genetic diversity, gene flow, and influence chemical exposure in alloprimates in higher altitudes. Apart from that, Diganta is interested in cognitive studies and vocalization of African & Asian monkeys.