Yasmin Lord

Yasmin Lord

Degree Program: Ph.D.


2020: B.S. in Anthropology & Biology, Indiana University

2020: Minor in Animal Behavior, Indiana University

About Yasmin Lord

My interest is in Biology Anthropology (primatology). I am interested in the endocrine system; how hormones use tradeoffs to help or decline the health of the particular species, do pollutants from humans around those ecosystems affect the species negatively, (mismatch diseases, functionality problems, or infertility- specifically), are these factors the reason species are dying off slowly? If so- could we be doing the same things to ourselves by our ways of life now?

I have worked with bottlenose dolphins (training) and field research on bottlenose dolphins off the gulf in Mississippi. Recording their natural behaviors on an ethogram, documenting their water temperature, climate, and possible depths. I also worked at a zoo with amphibians, reptiles, domestics, mammals (including large and small bird species), aquatics, etc. Studying their behaviors, documenting and creating their diets.