Elizabeth M.C. Coggeshall

Elizabeth M.C. Coggeshall

Degree Program: Ph.D.


2020: M.Sc in Primate Behavior and Ecology, Central Washington University

2017: B.A. in Anthropology Honors, the University of Texas at Austin

About Elizabeth M.C. Coggeshall

Coggeshall has been working with alloprimates for over 10 years and in a variety of contexts. Her research focuses on the mechanisms of and between anthropogenic activity and alloprimate development, as well as conservation through art and community. She also employs ethnoprimatological and bioethical perspectives In her work. Specifically, she studies Semnopithecus schistaceus in the Himalayas of India and also documents the complexity and speciality of primate (alloprimate and human) life through adapted art and visual anthropological methods.