Food Institute

The Food Institute

The study of food facilitates—and necessitates—collaborative research efforts across all disciplines with a variety of methodological and epistemological approaches. It unites the micro and the macro, the personal and the institutional, the biological and the social. While food is related to almost every aspect of human life, research at the Food Institute focuses on three interrelated areas:

  • the food environment, including the conditions of food production, marketing, and access, and the institutions and regulations involved in food security and safety
  • the cognitive decision-making processes that humans employ in choosing foods and the cultural, consumer, and evolutionary contexts for these cognitive processes
  • the effects of those choices on human biology and their correspondence to evolved dietary requirements

We pursue a program of theoretical, methodological, and analytical training within these intersecting domains, drawing on the expertise of faculty throughout the IUB campus, along with connections to other universities and national and international research institutes and industries, to create a cutting-edge locus for interdisciplinary food studies training.

The Food Institute Library houses over 1,000 books on food, culture, and cooking. Take a look at the Christine Barbour Cookbook Collection online or stop by to see the books in person.

In addition to developing the new undergraduate certificate in food studies, the IU Food Project works collaboratively with an array of undergraduate groups on a spectrum of initiatives related to food and food systems, including curriculum development, service and outreach projects, event programming and the promotion of initiatives like the Real Food Challenge.

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The Food Project: “Propaganda Wing of the IU Food Project”

The IU Food Project seeks to raise awareness among the undergraduate population regarding the pressing environmental, social, economic and cultural issues related to food and food systems. It will pursue that aim along several principal avenues.

We develop undergraduate food curriculum at Indiana University Bloomington and in particular the Undergraduate Certificate in Food Studies.

  • We coordinate student and community groups that address food issues including hunger, just treatment of food workers, animal welfare, environmental impact of agricultural practices, nutrition and health.
  • We promote outreach to food organizations in the Bloomington area.
  • We program films, meals, and other events where food issues can be discussed and strategies developed.
  • We promote the “edible campus” and establishing/supporting vegetable gardens and fruit trees.