Mecca Howe-Burris

Mecca Howe-Burris

Degree Program: Ph.D.


2012: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Anthropology, Indiana University

2018: Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology, University of South Florida

About Mecca Burris

Mecca is a Ph.D. student studying biological anthropology with concentrations in food anthropology and food policy. She received her M.A. in applied anthropology from the University of South Florida, and her B.A. in journalism and anthropology from Indiana University. Her research has focused on food insecurity among various populations in Costa Rica and the United States, as well as growth and development among adolescents. She is particularly interested in the relationships between food insecurity, life history trajectories, and long-term health, as well as the period of adolescence as a unique evolutionary adaptation among humans.