Medical Anthropology: A Biocultural Approach, Third Edition

Andrea Wiley, John Allen
Publication Date
Oxford University Press

An ideal core text for introductory courses, Medical Anthropology: A Biocultural Approach, Second Edition, offers an accessible and contemporary overview of this rapidly expanding field. For each health issue examined in the text, the authors first present basic biological information on specific conditions and then expand their analysis to include evolutionary, historical, and cross-cultural perspectives on how these issues are understood.

Medical Anthropology considers how a biocultural approach can be applied to more effective prevention and treatment efforts and underscores medical anthropology's potential to improve health around the world.

New to this edition: Anthropologists in Action examples show how various anthropologists address real-world health issues. Streamlined overview of infectious diseases, with less historical and biological detail. Further consideration of the ways in which climate change is already influencing human health.